win 1 million refereum

The Refereum lottery: win up to 1 million RFR!

Refereum Lottery: only 45 RFRs to participate

After the delivery of the second season tokens, many users were disappointed in receiving so few Refereums, we are talking about only 46 tokens for thousands of people.
And just one of these disgruntled users has activated and created this lottery.
As the author of the site explains in the FAQ section, with so few tokens you could not do anything about it, while with this lottery the winner of the Jackpot can at least buy some games and even more if partecipants will be many.

The site in question Refereum Lottery is certainly amateur level and the suspicion of SCAM is very strong, but the idea is interesting and plausible, but above all what matters is the fact that it pays or not at the end.
The operation is very simple: just send 45RFR token to the address indicated.
Each submission corresponds to a sort of "ticket" given that each transaction has its own unique code.
The prize money is given by the sum of all the participants. At the end of the time, one of these codes will be drawn and will win 95% of the Jackpot.
The Jackpot will then be sent to the same address contained in the transaction.
If you want to participate several times, just send as many amounts as you want to buy tickets.
The prize money should be updated whenever someone participates, but this is not yet known. The only information available is that there is a guaranteed minimum of 500 tokens and a maximum of 1 million (I think the maximum has been included only as an indication since I doubt I will ever reach that figure).

Let's analyze if there are suspicious elements.
First, we know that the "gain" for the owner of the site is 5% of the total since the Jackpot is 95%. Compared to real scam sites, here at least we know that a part is held by the owner, if he had wanted to steal all the tokens, I do not think he would write, even promise much higher premiums. So this is a plus.

The fact that the awarding of the prize takes place on the same address as the ticket, guarantees that it can not make mistakes and send money to someone else. Furthermore, anonymity is guaranteed as it is not necessary to register and only the public address cannot know who the wallet belongs to.
By the way, not sent directly from an exchange because the sending and receiving address are different, then sent from your wallet.

The biggest doubt is how the winning ticket extraction takes place (address of the wallet), given that the owner of the site could participate in the lottery and extract himself.
In my opinion, it is in the interest of the owner of the site that the Jackpot is paid, since in this way his credibility increases and can activate new lotteries every week. If it were a scam, after the first time, no one would participate anymore and would not agree with anyone.
The address of the lottery to send tokens is 0x5c7d3CC8F6Ef99f6E6a83Dda6d9b52f417d9Fc6D, so you can check at any time how much the total number of RFRs it contains and how many people are participating.

In any case, given that only 45 RFRs, or about 50 cents, to participate in, to try does not harm, so with those 50 cents actually you do not do anything anyway.
Being at the first draw, we still do not know if it's legal or not, we'll have to wait and see what happens. For updates and to follow the winners I wait here!


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